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Classique First!
An initiative of Le Bureau Export’s classical branch, Classique First! aims to highlight the international activities of classical musicians Made in France. In addition to providing news about projects as they develop around the world, Classique First! also offers insight into the French classical music industry, including professional events and activities.

Le Bureau Export
Since 1993, Le Bureau Export has worked hand in hand with French music industry professionals to develop their artists’ international careers, in both popular and classical music.

Every year, hundreds of projects from all musical genres benefit from the financial support and services of Le Bureau Export, including personalised consulting, connections with pertinent international professionals, targeted market research, participation in international conferences and festivals, promotional support, financial assistance, etc. This also includes two funds for contemporary classical music: Diaphonique, the Franco-British fund; Impuls Neue Musik, the Franco-German fund.

To assist with the development of made in France projects around the globe, Le Bureau Export relies on a team of 30 collaborators in 5 countries, with a home office in Paris and 4 satellite offices in Germany (Berlin), the United Kingdom (London), the United States (New York) and Brazil (São Paulo), with Paris, Berlin and London active in classical music.

In 2016, over 60 French classical music structures were members of Le Bureau Export, their international projects benefitting from territory-specific consulting, logistical support, promotion, and/or financial assistance.

For more information on Le Bureau Export: www.lebureauexport.fr


Françoise Clerc | Director of Classical Music


Prune Hernaïz | Classical Music Correspondent, Berlin
Coordinator of the French-German fund for contemporary music ‘Impuls neue Musik’


Elsa Martin | Classical Music Correspondent, London
Coordinator of the French-British fund for contemporary music ‘Diaphonique’


Lizon Lavaud | Assistant


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